VHS Monday 17th Jan 2011

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The Vinny Hurrell Show

With Vinny this week was Chris & Hannah

First of all, sorry about the issues with the podcast. Its a good and bad thing. We’ve had so many downloads our service provider has locked it (restricted use). We are in the process of moving it to a new service where this wont happen. Thanks for downloading and ignore the 23 second error message you now get when you download that asks you to ‘donate’. Not from us!!

Anyway, on this show we had Oisin from the ‘Belfast Electronic Festival’ kicking off on Saturday at 12pm. They’ve a massive list of artists performing and its only £8 a ticket. Tickets and info via here or the banner below…

Also on the show we had a double effort from NI Chart. This week’s number one was DIRTY KANSAS – Tales of a Narcoleptic. To download their song for FREE click HERE. We also spoke to Birdy from ‘The Kicks’. they were No 1 at the start of the year but we were on holiday and missed them out. Get more on them from HERE.

We like our odd news on this programme and we had plenty of weird ones this week. Bullet proof mobile phones, 10 stone micro pigs and a self milking cat. Ok, so we made that last one up. We were also talking about movies that make you reach for the Kleenex, (not those types you dirtballs!!).

We were also introduced to the Rubber Bandits for the first time. It was an eye opening experience…watch the video below. Be WARNED it has naughty words…

Each week we have a movie review and on Monday we had ‘Black Swan’. Aiden Largey is our reviewer and here’s what he had to say…

Black Swan is a psychological thriller from acclaimed director Darren Aronfonsky that follows a struggling ballerina Nina (Natalie Portman) who must deal with jealous rivals when she wins the lead role in Swan Lake. Are they out to get her or is she losing her mind? A stylish and unusual thriller with an Oscar worthy preformance from Portman. Three Stars ***

The podcast will be sorted soon! Thanks for listening. Catch Vinny at 1200 with the ‘Saturday Request Show’ on 103.2 Feile FM.

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