VHS Monday 24/01/2011

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Kamikaze seagulls… 

With Vinny this week was Chris Heath and Laura Kelly…plus movie reviewer – Aiden Largey. 


 On the show we had our ‘odd news’ with – gypsy weddings, mile high proposals, Nun smuggling Monks and a story about a fan who snorted dandruff off Liam Gallagher’s head, thinking it was coke. Nasty. Other stories we covered this week included the new Stig (Top Gear BBC). Is it really a woman? Severed thumbs falling from the sky and a woman who demanded a refund when her micro pig grew to 10 stone.

We also spoke to the love Julie Harris about a charity Speed Dating event (NI Chest Heart & Stroke) happening on the 3rd of February. This event is aimed at 30-45 year olds, its £20 each but every penny goes to charity…

We also spoke to the Kate Conway from quirkyweddings.co.uk for those who want something a bit different from their wedding day.

No show would be complete without NI Chart and this week we got the chance to speak to the seductive temptress that is Chrissie McGlinchey. Our lawyers have advised that we keep our distance from this woman but we just can’t help ourselves…She brought us the top 10 on NI Chart, including the No. 1 which this week is DIRTY KANSAS. Well done to them and thanks to drummer Birdy for coming on the show again. Him and his hip hop slang. We’re not so ‘down with the kids’.

Aiden worked his usual magic with his film reviews, this week it was ‘Barneys Version’ and ‘The Last Detail’. Here’s what he had to say on them…


Paul Giamatti stars (in a Golden Globe Winning preformance) as Barney, a philandering New York  TV Producer who spends his life destroying his relationships with women. On his wedding day (to his second wife) he meets the woman of his dreams and his pursuit begins again.. A witty and complicated look at adult relationships with some great preformances. 2.5/5

Jack Nicolson leads in this comedy drama about two Naval Officer’s forced to bring a fellow officer across America to jail. They feel sympathy for him and decide to show him the week of his life before he goes to jail. Definately one for fans of Nicolson’s turn in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Last Detail is as funny as it is heartbreaking. Classic. 4/5

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