Podcast & VHS 14th March – Missing Mojo

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Another week, another Vinny Show…this week with him in the studio was Sarah McGlinchey and Chris Heath, with Aiden Largey on the phone with his usually movie magic.

This was quiz week with what may possibly be the most irritating quiz ever. First round was chosen by Sarah, who, unsurprisingly went for the sex quiz. It was all a bit wrong but Sarah did very well (no comment). Chris was struggling with the sexy trivia but did better as the quiz progressed. Both sucked at the ‘How well do you know Vinny ‘ round, but to find out who won, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

Movie reviews took the form of ‘The Resident’ and ‘Animal Kingdom’. Here’s what Aiden had to say about them…

The Resident
Hilary Swank stars in this horror chiller about a recently separated doctor who moves in to a oddly cheap apartment to discover she may not be alone after all…
Predicable, silly and a waste of it’s cast’s talents, although keep an eye out for Christopher Lee!
**2 Stars


Animal Kingdom
Visceral, unique crime thriller about a teenager who goes to live with his grandmother and her family in Melbourne. The only thing is her family happen to be bank robbers who’s days are closing fast. Realistic, gritty and moving.
****4 Stars

No show would be complete without NI CHART and this week it was IN ELEGANCE – Waiting at the top spot. Read the full chart HERE. Staying with music, don’t call me Ronny – Kieron from Mojo Fury came into the studio for a chat. Find out about their brand-spanking new album launch HERE.

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