VHS 7th March 2011 & Podcast

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And we’re back…we thought we’d reached the end but we lived to broadcast another day.

With Vinny this week was Chris Heath & Aiden Largey.

No show would be complete without NI Chart. AUDIO CAVALRY¬† made it to number one with Skank. This is the second time the band have reached the top spot on NI Chart so well done to them. We heard from frontman Sean Hogan (no – he’s not related to Hulk. we were also gutted!) and he assured us the ‘Skank’ was purely fictional. Sure…we believe ya! Listen again in the podcast. Get more info on Audio Cavalry HERE.

Also on the programme we had our odd news review. This week it was ‘baby in an overhead locker’, a football ref on overdrive, the farting dentist¬†and what would YOU write on your own headstone?

We also heard from Decky Savage and had some amazing talent show audio in the form of ‘Ken Lee’. Classy. This weeks film reviews were ‘Trick R Treat’ DVD and ‘True Grit’ in cinemas now. Special movie podcast and review from Aiden Largey to follow shortly!!
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  • Vinny, Good to hear you are back i enjoy the banter, keep her lit man

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