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The latest ‘Vinny hurrell Show’ podcast from TheVinnyShow.com – SERIES 2, EPISODE 3 – ‘CALL FOR SEXY CHAT’.

With Vinny this week was the firey Sarah McGlinchey and the affectionate Chris Heath. In this episode we’ve ‘Jedi Jim’ from BBC 1’s ‘The Apprentice’, some dodgy chat-line adverts including Sarah and Chris’ own attempt, a Cheryl Cole piss take AND a weird song called ‘I steal pets’. Charming. Watch the video in the player below or search for them on YouTube. We’re always on the lookout for funny viral videos. If you’ve come across any email them to us at thevinnyshow@gmail.com.

So as usual we had odd news from the web, viral videos and some random banter. Thanks for our listener questions this week from @kennyellaway, @nirelandchart and Caroline P. Want to submit your own for the next episode? CLICK HERE for more details.

Festival season is well and truely upon us. Pigstock is over for another year, but DO NOT FRET! Glasgowbury is fast approaching. In this podcast episode Vinny spoke to Niall from the festival and asked him what this years highlights would be. Vinny also had to apologise for making an idiot of himself the last time he interviewed Paddy Glasgow. Let’s just say he was left red in the face.  Get more info about Glasgowbury, the line-up or book tickets HERE or via the banner link below. 

Hopefully see you all there!! Get in touch if you would like to be interviewed on the podcast or on Vinny’s Blast106 programme. Also in this episode we had our FML’s and some other random goodness thrown in for good measure. Click the link above to download or listen online to the podcast OR if you’d prefer to access it in iTunes CLICK HERE.




We’ve a new episode of our MX Movie (Review) podcast coming soon…

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