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“I may be an idiot good sir, but one thing I am NOT – is an idiot…”

Peter Griffin, Family Guy


Hello good people and welcome to Series 3, Episode 3. We hope you’ve all been well since our last podcast; we’re all fine and dandy. Although Vinny has a sore toe. Update over – let’s get down to business…

This week you’ve got Sarah McGlinchey, Chris Heath and Vinny Hurrell. 3 odd-balls in a random room in Belfast city centre.

In this podcast – Sarah talks about her problematic armpits, we have a new dating section (love is in the air for Sarah??), classic FML’s, a flying 101 year old granny, and good old Mr T is misbehaving. Its been a long time since Sarah and Chris were in a podcast together, but we feel a very special relationship may be blooming…



Listen on this website or get the podcast from iTunes HERE. SPREAD THE WORD!! (There can be a 24hour delay in podcasts appearing in iTunes so please check back if this episode is not available now).



Don’t forget you can catch Vinny on Blast106, Sunday nights from 7pm.

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