Dear Vinny

#DearVinny is your chance so share your life experiences with the @TheVinnyShow podcast and @Blast106 listeners. It’s simple – just email, tweet, or text your stories to Vinny. Here’s how…



Text ‘Blast’ and your message to 60300*


Or tweet @TheVinnyShow


*texts charged at your standard network rate. Only text while @TheVinnyShow is live on air, Sunday 1900-2100…


JUST REMEMBER…we want them to be honest but fun too. So nothing too serious. Here’s a few examples…

“Today, my identical twin sister’s boyfriend walked over to me, and whispered in my ear, “I know what you look like naked.”


“Today, I was at a big family reunion at my aunt’s place. Before dinner, I went outside in the garden for a smoke. Through the kitchen window, I saw my cousin spit in the soup. Twice. My aunt patted his back and continued stirring.”


“LAST WEEK, I went to see A dermatologist for a consultation on my terrible acne. During my visit, she said I probably won’t be getting any more SPOTS. Excited, I asked her how she could tell. She replied, “There’s no more room for it.”