The Team

The team from ‘The Vinny Hurrell Show’…

 Vinny Hurrell
Vinny Hurrell
29, originally from Randalstown but lives in Belfast. Vinny was with Feile FM for 5 years, and has been with the BBC for 4. He also started working on Blast 106 this year. Vinny went to uni in England, then moved to Sydney before moving home and starting at the BBC where he currently works on the Stephen Nolan Show.
Favourite food: tuna sandwiches. Guilty pleasure:  Barry White

Chris HeathChris Heath
Chris is 27 and from Crossgar in Co Down. He worked as Santa Claus at the St Patricks centre Downpatrick about 10 years ago. His guilty pleasure is One Tree Hill and the Spice Girls. (Had a teenage crush on Baby spice. Who didnt?) Fave Food is chicken. Just Chicken, not mustard nor CURRY powder nor anything in your kitchen Vinny (-;


Laura Kelly

Laura Kelly
Laura claims to have impeccable taste in music. Every CD ever bought serves a purpose- especially that Adam Rickett single. It’s solved a wonky coffee table issue. Laura has a fear of velvet and once got stuck in a dressing room in Monsoon because of the Velvet lined curtains. Laura likes colouring in books. …and sudoku- the big mammoth ones not the piddly 9squared ones. She has a not-so secret ambition to be a band roadie. We think it comes from an early fondness for whiskey, bass players and Dave Grohl circa 1995.

Christine Morrow

 Christine Morrow
Christine works in film, loves fashion and is addicted to bags. She writes in her spare time and you might have seen her in the Black Box with her postcards. She loves everything retro especially Mad Men (and not just for Don Draper). Her favourite place is Paris and surprise surprise her favourite film is Paris Je T’Aime. The most embarrassing cd in my collection is Lionel Richie Back to Front (don’t judge me). Guilty Pleasure is watching back to back Perry Mason episodes. Favourite food is chocolate although it’s not a dinner. xx

Sarah McGlinchey
Our lawyers have told us not to say too much about Sarah. So we won’t.




From the MX Movie Podcast

Aidan Largey
Aidan divides his time between watching movies and making them. (One involves popcorn, the other involves threats of violence and emotional blackmail…) When not doing either I try to make it as a superhero (I’ve got the glasses) or attempting to drink like I’m Clint Eastwood in a western. Liver damage and hilarity ensues…